Birthday Argument by ilbv

Birthday Argument


2 June 2019 at 15:45:09 MDT

Garth doesn't always enjoy sharing, even on other guy's birthdays. Even the thought to give me over to someone else for one day is enough cause for an argument. Mostly he is ensuring beyond a reasonable doubt that I'll be returned and unharmed. So I guess it's a lengthy drawn-out custody battle?

Regardless, I don't really get a say in the matter, and having tried to stop the two beasts from arguing got me tied up and hung out of the way while the big guys continue their discussion.

Jess has never harmed me before and I don't think he is about to start, while Garth is justified in his suspicions of the Lake Monster's intentions, knowing full well the beast's main food is humans and he doesn't get a gut like that with some simple endo.

Will these powerful predators come to a happy medium? Will Jess get to enjoy me on his birthday or will Garth keep the battle going on well past midnight? This is also the classic opportunity for some other hungry and devious pred to come swooping in and steal away a tied-up human for their own snack, a way to break the tension in a way. So many options!

Today is Azathura's Birthday and I have been planning to post this older sketch on this day since December when I found it again in the depths of my computer files. Glad to see it followed through.
I drew it originally shortly after Aza's birthday from four years ago and I'm not sure if he has ever seen it xD Times have certainly changed too because Jess has evolved a lot since that time.

Hope you all enjoyed viewing and reading about my old sketch, and please for sure go and give the big squishy boi a Happy Birthday Message! He eats them up! ;9

Art, Garth, ilbv © ilbv
Jess © Azathura

Sketch Drawn on June 4, 2015