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Two Snacks Are Better Than One by ilbv

Two Snacks Are Better Than One


14 May 2019 at 21:51:13 MDT

Lotan does enjoy his snacks, and his figure. He's been trying to eat Sue for years, and he's caught me a good couple of time as well, does he finally devour his quarry and potentially dent his muscular form, or let us go and enjoy the thrill of the hunt for a while longer? Choices, choices.

Lotan - "I really should be watching my diet, but how can I resist?"
ilbv - "W-wait!"
Sue - "Trust me, resisting doesn't work".

Lotan and Sue are from the "Dangerous Bet" Comic, which I strongly suggest you check out right here:
Owned, Created, and Copyrighted to the extremely talented, humorous, and charming Mokaityv

This Fanart and ilbv belong to me, ilbv

Drawn on February 10, 2015