Down into Frost by ilbv

Down into Frost


7 May 2019 at 22:29:11 MDT

After hours of relentless, unforgiving, dominating teasing, the huge strong Polar Bear Naga finally, FINALLY started consuming his helpless prey. Slowly of course, as Frost relishes the power he has over his squirmy little meals.

After lots of slurping and suckling, he started to swallow and glug down his prey, slowly and strongly, taking his meal into his throat and gullet with absolute ease. His neck filled out and bulged wonderfully as his prey sank down his gullet and into his muscled belly. Finally he snaps his jaws shut and takes a final swallow, his prey slipping over the back of his tongue and descending down inside him.

I've known Frost for many years and really ought to appreciate him more, this is something I made for him a few years back and hope he enjoys it. The only other art I have with him (right now) is this prize he won with me:

Frost © SerpentPolarBear
Art (and throat bulge) © ilbv

Drawn on February 9, 2015