Underpaid Walrus by ilbv

Underpaid Walrus


23 February 2019 at 00:32:51 MST

(Before drawing)

Bobby: "I guess a certain walrus is gonna have to hunt you down now" :P

Me: "Heh, uh oh."

(After Drawing)
Bobby: "You were eaten. Don’t mess with mechanics" :P

Me: "I swear, I thought it was a 50, not a 20. All the American money looks the same." :S squirms inside

Bobby: "Too late buddy, you're walrus pudge. Slaps belly Burp. I’ll put your car to good use. Probably sell it for scrap".

Me: gets jiggled around in there "It's a rental!"

Bobby: Burp. "I’ll still scrap it."

Me: "If I don't return it, there will be trouble."

Bobby: "for you..." pats belly

Me: "Yes for me, so can I at least return the car before you keep me in here?"

Bobby: is asleep "Snore."

Me: thumps his belly walls "this always happens to me. I didn't realize you wanted me in your gut so much."

Bobby: "Well, you’ve never been eaten by a walrus right? Might as well add it to the list. Plus. You were tasty." Burp

Art © da-parrot-masta
ilbv © ilbv

Original: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/29968210/