Sharp by ilbv



1 October 2018 at 21:58:51 MDT

Those teeth were made for CHOMP'N!
That tongue was made for LICK'N!
That maw was made for NOMM'N!

I've decided to enter the newly created Voretober Art Challenge!
Draw a vore-related image every day for the month of October.

Theme for Day 1 is SHARP!

I hummed and hawwed for a while about what to draw, I knew teeth would happen for sure, and finally I just started drawing and this is what happened, I am thrilled with it. I've actually never drawn a full on Mawshot like this before and I hope it's the beginning of many!

Part way through I knew this was shaping up to be a Shark Maw, and so I figured there was no better way to celebrate making my first full blown mawshot drawing that having it feature the maw of the very first guy I ever met who shared a vore interest.

I met Sharkie 10 years ago on where we wrote fun and silly vore interactive stories with each other. Alas the stories and accounts are long erased, but our friendship has endured and he has always been my wonderful Shark Beast who hard-candies me like no one ever could. Love you bud.

As for the challenge, I really hope this will kick me into high gear and get me drawing more regularly again because I really enjoy it despite the hard struggles and moments.

Art © ilbv
Sharkie © Sharkie626