Possible Friendship by ilbv

Possible Friendship


8 September 2018 at 02:09:00 MDT

Yeah he is bigger, stronger, more dangerous, and could stomp, chomp, and devour me alive, but... he wouldn't do that.

Asking to be friends with a Dragon is like asking to be a two-bite brownie.
That sounded much smarter in my head.

I mean from the expression here he seems to be pretty taken with the human hanging from his horn. Cute.
(I can't stop thinking about easily he could just swallow him whole) I have a problem >_>;

The son Dragon has grown up a bit more, becoming as big and strong as his Dad! No gators are going to try to eat him now. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14638452/ Though it seems he is making friends with little humans, I wonder what his Dad will think about that. That could be...confrontational.

P.s. I really like that concept even if it has been done before, Predator Father Figures trying to make their sons eat prey and the sons would rather be friends and try to protect them. Good conflict, Good Drama, Good Character Development.
Perfect Movie Example: Shark Tale.

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