Thunder Buffed by ilbv

Thunder Buffed


12 July 2018 at 22:15:16 MDT

Thunder is general a simple toned slim kind of horse, though there have been the occasions where he bulks out. I have always preferred his beefier side, cause I'm an addict to beefcakes xD

Throwback to 2013, I remember being really proud of this one back in the say, wow.
I mean he still has that buff bod, it's just really an old drawing. I also remember not knowing how to not draw private parts and still make it look nice so I just botched even trying for boxers and just left his crotch blank. Sorry folks, no horsehood here, though I'm sure if you go over to Thunder and hit it off right he might just show you the real deal ;)

Mature cause description and he's still a semi nudie horse, and wow that bubble butt. Never been my thing; butts. Though I am sure someone in this fandom will appreciate it.

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