Bitesize for Blitz by ilbv

Bitesize for Blitz


12 July 2018 at 21:53:10 MDT

Blitz is ready for the last chug back and swallow, maybe he just wanted to eat me because I'm small, or maybe he was hungry. You never know with creatures.

This is a throwback from 2013, an apparent Art Trade I did with Roxpaw. I only could remember the user, I had no idea who this creature was and I luckily found an old picture of him and got the name Blitz literally as I was setting up the uploading for this.

I really regret my falling behind on my artwork uploading from back in the day, nothing I can do now but post it all up anyway, even if it's old stuff.

I have no recollection of what RoxPaw made for me as their part of the trade xD

Blitz © RoxPaw
Art and ilbv © ilbv