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There Can Be Only One by ilbv

There Can Be Only One


Lux, the sneaky Panda. He knows I enjoy Pizza, and he knows Snow loves cherries, so he distracts me with pizza, puts a cherry on my head and Snow can’t help but to begin scarfing me up, then as my feet lift towards Lux’s mouth, he squirts on his own favorite treat; chocolate syrup. Eventually I am being swallowed by two bears. Lux knows that there can be only one, so while he gives me up to Snow, he opens his maw wider and begins to engulf and swallow Snow down, as Snow finishes gulping me down his own throat. As I was squeezed into the Pandor’s stomach, Snow was sliding down Lux’s hungry neck and beginning to fill out inside his own belly. Lux has two meals and a bottle of chocolate, delicious.

Art © Booshie
ilbv © ilbv
Lux © luxeonjade
Snow © anthonysnow