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Stucco Stuck by ilbv

Stucco Stuck


Pretty tight in here, and I think he likes it that way, guess I better get used to it until he decides he'd rather have me on the outside to properly snuggle and slurp at, but currently Stucco is rather pleased with the bump I make in his belly.

I drew this after months of being off drawing due simply to my overwhelmingly busy work schedule and not having an ounce of time to draw and practice. I've fallen a bit flat and drawing is harder, I need to get back into the groove of things so I can improve again.

This is a 2nd Commission for Dinoval, and since I took so damn long in producing it, I've taken on a compensation drawing as well, I'm very sorry for keeping you waiting.

Art & ilbv © ilbv
Stucco © Dinoval