Snout Affection Doodle by ilbv

Snout Affection Doodle


3 September 2017 at 00:55:51 MDT

He had just finished laughing at a funny story I was telling him, he had a deep intimidating laugh, though it was full of joy and genuine happiness. Then knelt down to be at almost eye level and smiled, a warm heart melting smile. He pressed his snout into my head and puffed breath through my hair. We nuzzled, it was cute, loving, friendly.

"Come on, let's go get an ice cream." he said.

When I'm sitting on a train, or at work and there is nothing to do, I take out my clipboard that I always bring with me along with blank paper and a bunch of pencils, eraser, and pencil sharpener; I doodle and draw things.

I don't usually risk drawing things that are...questionable when I'm out in public, unless I can get my back to a wall or in a corner. Even so, I always feel like if someone looks over my shoulder and sees what I'm drawing that they will "know". So I keep is as discreet as possible.

I had been having a really involving conversation with Emerson and then had to leave to go to work, so he was heavily on my mind and thus was the inspiration for two of the drawings I made.

Art © ilbv
Emerson © Bullwhip