Garth and Talon Go Human by ilbv

Garth and Talon Go Human


21 June 2017 at 23:58:52 MDT

spits out beverage wait WHAT!?
Garth, being a product of the Greek Gods and bestowed with many powers, such as his protection over me against digestion, Garth also has transformative abilities, and while he can turn people and objects into other things, he never though about trying it on himself, and to celebrate Father's Day which just happened last weekend, Garth thought he would transform himself from his regular Beefy Bovine Daddy into a Big Beefy Human Daddy. I have to say he is quite the looker even without his hair.

What do you guys think of Garth as a Human Dad?

Seems like Talon has been hanging out with Garth a lot, the big Beast of a Shark has picked up on some of Garth's magical abilities and has decided to follow in his foot steps and try out being a big hunk of a Human Daddy for a change, I think he likes it too, his ravenous appetite hasn't gone anywhere either. I foresee some Human Daddy Vore art in the future.

Never really tried Transformation, its different and interesting.
Made by the really talented BuizelWolf and you should check out his original.

Art © BuizelWolf
Garth & Talon © ilbv