One Time Slip n’ Slide by ilbv

One Time Slip n’ Slide


13 August 2016 at 00:35:02 MDT

Carter is a friendly Space Dragon, and how he convinced me into this one I have no idea, but I seem to have second thoughts, clearly I wasn't educated on affectionate vore at the time.

No, this does not imply digestion in anyway. I just thought it was a cute play on words with a vore scenario. Carter was created by moonlightcarter and I adopted him after moonlight decided to move on to new characters, so I consider him a joint/shared character.

Art © ilbv

Made on April 13, 2013 with MS Paint, back before I had a tablet but my artistic confidence had been growing, I thought this was top notch stuff that people would enjoy, and hopefully some of you do now.