Hippo Wealth by ilbv

Hippo Wealth


5 December 2015 at 00:54:43 MST

Ken learns of a Hippo that terrorizes an African Costal Village, will he be able to help?

My first story commission ever! I was paid to write this! How cool!
The commissioner wanted to be anonymous, so I hope they enjoy the story!
And I hope you do too! I am also pleased to have written the whole thing in one sitting and only off of the small idea the commissioner wanted. So much of it just came to me as I wrote it and clicked together, I love that! I also had no idea it would be so long but sometimes a story just breathes and grows on its own and it’s the job of the writer to make it go on. I think I did a bang up job, but that’s really up to my readers to decide.

Icon is also of my creation ^^