Iggi Ink Shop: Generation Four by iggi

Iggi Ink Shop: Generation Four


8 July 2016 at 11:46:01 MDT

Love poke'mon?

I've added some stationery stickers to my shop featuring ALL of the poke'mon starters!
Single Poke'mon: https://iggi.ink/product/pokemon-st.....ngle-stickers/
Sticker Sheets: https://iggi.ink/product/pokemon-st.....ticker-sheets/

Single Stickers: ($1 each!)
About 1.5-2 inches (more sizes to be added later!)

Sticker sheets with 3-7 Poke’mon on them. ($2-$4 depending on sheet size)
Made from home, awesome stationery (as in for paper) stickers! I make and cut these at home.
Individual stickers are 1-1.5 inches on the sheets. Dimensions for 7 sticker sheets are 4×6, for 3 sticker sheets they are 2×4 inches.

Sticker Materials:
Stationery Paper: Great for paper crafts, binders, and sticking to rough surfaces. Put them on things you don’t want to come off.
Matte Vinyl: Semi-removable if applied to smooth surfaces like plastic (I use them as censor stickers on clear binder pages, not sure about glass). Also great for paper!