The Queen's Feast by iconmaster

The Queen's Feast

There was but one kingdom. Long ago, all others had fallen to the conquests of the kingdom of the great dragon queen, Cassandra. She would have it no other way. In fact, she quite demanded tribute to her name from the world from breadth to width… And perhaps as a show of that, it was made so that her day of birth was a holiday far and wide.
Perhaps the one the most aware of the day was a fellow dragon, named David. While his queen was slumbering in her lavish quarters, he was awake and active. The head of all her servants couldn’t afford to be asleep at this time, for there were many preparations to be made! And so, there was David, watching the goings-on nervously inside one of the palace’s many expansive kitchens.
He was nervous mainly because the cooks were behind schedule. The largest part of any celebration was the food, and this was no exception! The largest banquet of the year was being prepared before his eyes. Cooks were diligently preparing dozens of whole hams, roasted birds of all kinds, huge steaks… And this was just the kitchen for preparing the meat. The dragon, grey-scaled and short, licked his lips despite himself as he watched on.
An assistant then ran up to him, out of breath. David turned his head and spoke.
“Yes, sir. The shipment from Freidburg is still delayed, I’m afraid. Our auxiliary kitchens are catching up on schedule, though… But we’ll run out of things to process soon without the shipment.”
David sighed. “Well, at least we’re closer to schedule for now. That shipment is going to be problem, I can tell now… This is the second year in a row they’ve been late. I don’t think the queen will be so lenient this time.”
“No, sir! Those poor people...”
“Hah! Well, if it kicks them into faster production, I’m for doing anything.” David said, snorting at the thought. “Anyways, keep an eye on this kitchen’s progress. I’d like to see the products of the dessert kitchen for myself. She does love her sweets.”
His assistant nodded briskly as David rushed off down the gilded palace halls. This was certainly bad news for him to hear, but he knew he’d put this together. He’d be damned if he couldn’t give his queen the banquet of her life this year! He rubbed his hands together as he paced towards the other kitchen. The first courses were already done, but it would very much a test of time to get the full meal ready before she…
His thoughts were interrupted very suddenly by the shouting of another assistant. “David! David! Queen Cassandra has stirred awake!”
He stopped dead in his tracks and let out a slight gasp. Already? She must be very hungry today, he thought, as he spun around towards Cassandra’s quarters.
“Fetch the servants, and inform the cooks the first courses are to be delivered to the throne room immediately! It’s time for her birthday feast to begin.”
It was a bit of a trek from the kitchens to the quarters, one David had to make practically running. Today was the day Cassandra specified to be filled with food, from very beginning to end, a holiday befitting of her status. The kingdoms of old were conquered in search of more to consume, after all… No subject of the kingdom could argue on what Cassandra’s favourite activity was, and that was feasting.
And feasting David wished to provide. He stopped outside the queen’s doors, catching his breath and watching the servants file into the room. He straightened his stance, took a deep breath, and walked into Cassandra’s quarters.
The servants were diligently pushing the queen out of bed and onto the royal stretcher. Cassandra was a red dragon, befitted in a layer of precious gold jewelry… But the most striking part of her figure was her size.
The mattress on which Cassandra slept, as soft and decadent as it was, was entirely engulfed by her rolls, the things spilling out over her sides in all directions. Her gut loomed out in front of her, breasts nicely capping that form of flab, each one looking quite weighty themselves. Her massive rear sloshed at the slightest touch, fat tail caught between those cheeks. In the center of this tableau of lard were her arms and head, nearly encased in circular rolls of pure fat. Cassandra’s head poked out of her neck rolls, the royal dragon blinking and groggily coming to.
The first thing David could hear was the queen’s wheezing. Seeing it was a bit pronounced, he decided to speak first.
“Happy birthday, my queen! It’s time for the celebrations~”
He watched as the servants pushed on her flab, making it slosh as she was slowly moved onto her mobility device. She had lost her mobility some time around conquering the last few rival empires; even if she could walk, where was the dignity in walking? After a second, Cassandra responded.
“Ah yes… The feasting!” she said, panting between phrases. “I’m very, VERY hungry.”
“As always, my queen. Let us go at once!”
Soon, the servants had finally rolled her massive form onto the gilded stretcher, and took their positions. David dutifully took his position of honor at the front of the thing, grabbing onto his two handles. And with that, he and his team of eight servants lifted the stretcher into the air.
The weight of his queen was as immense as ever. He heard the servants around him grunt and groan with difficulty, the very act of raising her in the air taking the wind out of them. David wasn’t faring any better, but he’d learned how to bear it over the years. He still dreaded hauling her back after the feast, though…
He shook his head, clearing such thoughts, and took a step forwards. Slowly, the servants followed suit shakily. They eventually managed a fair pace despite their load, and carried her out of her quarters and towards the throne room. All the while, Cassandra could be heard occasionally burping.
“Go faster! I’m famished...” she said to the servants below her.
“Yes, my queen!” David replied. He was happy to comply, to be honest. That meant he could set her down sooner…
After a lot of walking, David and crew finally made it to the large double-doors of the throne room, leading to the back. Two guards, standing at the doors, quickly opened them, letting the queen and her procession enter.
As David brought the stretcher to its proper location in front of the throne, he quickly checked the room in front of him. It looked… Simply perfect. Four huge, long tables, stretching from in front of the throne… All utterly covered in food. Cuts of meat, massive piles of pasta, spreads of exotic fruits, whole wheels of cheeses, plates of bread, huge barrels of drinks from the world over… And no chairs, of course, save for the throne. This banquet was made for one person only, and that person was Cassandra.
Speaking of the throne, it was time for the queen to sit on it. This, of course, required his servants to slowly push on her flab until engulfed the golden seat of power. The throne was large, but it was certainly inadequate of her girth; the sides had snapped off long ago due to her waistline, and now the small seat was entirely lost under her rump, and even the back was somewhat obscured by her back fat. All the same, she was lifted onto it among the pained grunts of the servants.

Cassandra took no mind of the servants, however, and instead her gaze fell on the food in front of her. Adequate for a first course, she thought, as she licked her lips. The other heads of staff were huddled in the back of the room, allowed to watch, as was tradition. She was hungry, but first… A speech.
“Today… Is The Queen’s Feast. My feast.” She was interrupted by her stomach rumbling loudly; she stopped to let it pass. “As the power of our land grows, so do I… Let this be another year of progress, and- URRRRRRRP!” Her stomach clenched, forcing out a hungry burp… She stopped again. “Let this be a day of feasting!”
And with that, it had begun. A servant grabbed the first plate, containing a glazed ham of massive proportions, and handed it to David, who did the honors of bringing it to her snout. Cassandra couldn’t exactly use her hands to eat, her short arms hardly able to wiggle among those rolls, but… She always had him to serve her.
And so that ham was placed on her wide bust, and pushed right to her snout. As soon as she felt the thing touch the tip, she opened her mouth and let David push it in. Cassandra was ravenous! She bit into tender meat with speed, letting the juices of the carefully cooked meat dribble out of her mouth freely. She tore and swallowed as fast as she could, letting the flavors dance across her tongue only briefly before the ham was sliding into her belly.
And with that, gluttony took her by force. As soon as she finished that, David had pushed an enormous load of sweetbread to her, which she devoured as fast as possible. With that followed a plate of steaming potatoes, decked with spices and filled with butter. Her head servant tipped in the plate, letting the vegetables tumble right into her mouth, which she chomped and gulped on with all speed.
A whole potato got wedged between her cheek and her chin in the process, but before anything could be done about that, more food was in her mouth. Next up was a turkey, juicy and stuffed… Grease dribbled down her chin as she bit into the whole bird at once, caring not about the bones or the mess. The grease would soon pool up in the recess of her fat neck as she went on, being fed a whole roasted duck next.
She let out a huge burp, mouth still full of duck, shaking the rafters of the opulent throne room. All she heard after that was her own wheezing, David’s panting as he made frequent trips to the banquet table, and the murmur of the royal court… Not that she was especially listening. Cassandra was too enthralled by the increasing loads of food pushed into her muzzle.
She wasn’t even yet done with her current bit of food before a barrel of wine was pushed to her lips. The red drink spilled out the barrel, most of it getting into her open mouth, some of it spilling onto her… But more than enough filling out her considerable gut. Glug, glug, glug… Soon, it was all gone, the barrel slowing down to a trickle. With a long burp, the barrel was pushed away, and in its place quickly came even more food.
Next was rolled in a whole wheel of cheese. Then another. Then a whole pile of spaghetti, served with the finest sauces. Then a huge slab of steak, well-marbled. Then a whole bushel of expensive grapes, fed to her whole. Then a whole barrel of mead…
It went on forever for Cassandra, lost in bliss as she devoured everything pushed close enough to her. The effort soon got to her, however, as she panted between bites, soon sweating all over… Only adding to the grease coating her chins.
But, as suddenly as it started, the flow of food stopped. She growled heavily, looking in front of her… David was frantically conversing with a lesser servant. Where was her food? She took a second to listen…
“Go tell them to give us whatever they have, shipments be damned!”
She decided to interrupt, her stomach rumbling harshly. “David… Dear… Where is my food?”
David looked at her with intense fear. “It’s… It’s Freidberg again, my queen. We’re waiting on… Eheheh… Your second course...”
“How DARE they not plan for- UUUUURRRP!- My birthday! Guards, get me-”
Before her guards could be instructed to do anything, a messenger burst into the room, out of breath. “It has come! As an apology, the city has sent double their yearly tribute!”
David spun around. “The kitchens better already be working on it!” He turned back around and smiled nervously. “See, my queen? Nobody would dare give you less than double what you want.”
Cassandra took a second to think, huffing softly. But then she spoke. “Double? In that case, I will eat it all. Bring it to me.”
“Ah, that’s the spirit, my queen!” David said, blushing a little before running off to coordinate the cooks. Cassandra was not oblivious to the actions of the grey dragon. She slowly formulated an idea…
But then, after only a moment of sitting there, even more bountiful plates of food were rolled into the room. A fine second course, piping hot and looking quite flavorful… And fatty, much to her delight.
Cassandra was given little delay before David picked up a plate of exotic fruits and tipped it into her maw. She opened it greedily as he approached, rumbling in anticipation of the next course. Double the yearly tribute! And so she kept eating, juices squirting out as he bit down into all of the fruit at once.
After all this eating, her expansion became quite noticeable. Her stomach rumbled and creaked softly as she ate, her gut slowly spreading across the floor. But even if she felt a bit full, Cassandra’s hunger extended quite beyond fullness, and her servants knew this. Plate after plate of decadent food was pushed right towards her snout, and she chomped on it with wild abandon. There were no such thing as table manners for the great queen as food kept coming; utensils were a thing of the past, and burping in the middle of a meal was more than okay to Cassandra.
And burp she did between huge plates. She continued to perspire as she practically swallowed another glazed ham whole, chasing it down with a barrel of white wine. But soon, the more she ate, she found herself slowing down. Her stomach groaned in protest as she scarfed down a loaf of bread, making her stop to pant and wheeze for a moment. Double the tribute was quite a lot of food… Perhaps more than she’d ever eaten in one place, even considering her infinite gluttony…
David noticed Cassandra’s plight and stopped for a second, holding a roasted turkey. “My queen…?”
“Did I… Tell you to stop?” she wheezed out.
“Ah, that’s the spirit!” David smiled and laid the turkey on his queen’s breast, pushing it right towards her. Cassandra fought her stomach and tore into it… She needed more…
Her gut spread, her gut creaked, and she continued to eat… But it was getting hard. Davis seemed to notice this, and began giving Cassandra a bit more help. With each plate, he’d push it harder into her maw, being a little more insistent in getting the food to her. Soon, he was permanently leaned up against her flabby gut, grabbing a plate from other servants and bringing it into her ring of neck rolls, now caked with layer upon layer of food residue.
As the plates kept coming, David’s help turned into outright feeding. As the second course diminished, she found herself just groggily keeping her mouth opened, which then David would dutifully press food inside. It took her all her power to swallow, cheeks bulging massively between gulps.
After a seeming eternity of nothing but pushing and swallowing, David spoke. “My queen, I’m impressed. You’ve eaten all of the double portion. Are you ready for dessert?”
Cassandra stopped for a moment… Before letting out a loud, long belch. “... Of course!” She said, despite the protests from her utterly packed belly.
David knew she was utterly stuffed… She knew he knew this by the blush on his face at those words. “Well, here it is, my queen. Your final course!”
David then got off of her gut, and she saw the tables before her, framed by her own neck rolls. Cakes! Dozens of them, all at least 3 tiers high, of so many flavors and shapes… All of them thick with frosting and amazingly rich in appearance.
And already, in David’s hands, was one of them. She groaned to herself, opening her maw wide for her servant. And David diligently shoved that cake right in, getting dirty himself in order to really push. The cake topped into Cassandra’s maw, frosting smearing all over her chins as it was forcefully slipped past her jaws. She slowly gulped… And tasted the cakes, so rich and thick…
And they just kept coming. David had climbed up onto her rolls, pushing as hard as he could to get the huge cake in there. But soon the first cake was gone, save for the smeared frosting. He was quickly handed another cake, this one chocolate, and this one was quickly pushed right into her waiting maw…
It was almost painful to swallow for the overstuffed queen, but the food was too good… She could never stop with David here to feed her. She wheezed through her nostrils as the cake came without end, rich flavors bulging out her cheeks and throat endlessly… She already felt that she was double her previous size, despite not being able to see her enormity… Cassandra was simply that stuffed.
But David didn’t stop after that cake, no. There was more. A dozen more. Next was a red velvet cake, impossibly rich, the cake like some sort of delicious wet cement in consistency. Pushed right into her jaws, despite any protests… Inevitable eaten. Then a marbled cake, bursting with flavor…
Cassandra lost track of time as the sweet desserts were crammed into her. She felt sluggish beyond belief, her guts and even her arteries feeling like they’d slowed down to a crawl processing all this food. They just kept coming…
And then she found herself without a cake in her jaws. She wheezed and panted hard, her breath near impossible to catch… This truly was a feast beyond measure.

David looked at the tables before him. They were empty, the heads of state quickly filing out of the room, the banquet over. He looked at his queen before him. Inside that grease-coated collection of chins was her face, looking contented beyond measure. David smiled proudly and spoke.
“14 cakes, my queen. You ate 14 cakes. I think that’s a record.”
She eventually managed to get out a reply. “You’ve… You really outdid yourself… This year… David.”
David bowed his head. “It’s the deepest of honors.”
She giggled slowly. “Please… Stay with me. You deserve to see… The fruit of your labors.”
“Of course, my dear queen.” At that, he blushed even harder, resting on her flab. He slowly gave that taut gut slow, deep rubs, kneading that supple flesh. All the while the queen groaned and huffed softly.
“I’ve grown fond for you, David...” Cassandra said. “As my greatest of feeders...”
David gave her queen an embrace, sinking into that expanse of lard happily. “And your rule, Cassandra? I would have no other above me.”
The queen rumbled happily. “Dear… Come closer.”
David blushed an even deeper red, wriggling up closer to her chins and cheeks. All the caked grease made traction difficult, and even more frosting and sauce got on him, but he didn’t mind. He stared into the eyes of his queen, nearly glazed over from the effort of digesting. He smiled warmly.
And so he did, pressing his head right inside those soft neck rolls. And with speed quite at odds with her appearance, she embraced the grey dragon in a passionate kiss.
David eeped in surprise, before groaning and putting his all into it, embracing her head with his hands, kissing her deeply...
And then UUUUURRRRRRRP. Cassandra let out a huge belch right in his face, making him back up, eyes going wide, stunned and dazed by the force of the hot, wet burp.
He huffed for a second… And then went right back into the kiss, twice as passionate as before, diving to kiss his glorious, enormous queen. Soon, he’d break the kiss, only to speak one thing.
“Happy birthday, my queen.”

The Queen's Feast


8 May 2017 at 20:12:04 MDT

Cassandra, the queen of all the lands, celebrates her birthday today. David, the head of the servants, wants to make it her best one yet... With a grand buffet, of course!

I wrote this as a birthday gift for my good friend Dellroth. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, my dear Delly!

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