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Breakroom Treats by iconmaster

Breakroom Treats

Bod sat at his desk, twiddling his fingers. He was waiting for one thing. This one thing was named Tyrex; more specifically, Bod needed the sales reports he was supposed to finish today. But he was nowhere in sight. Bod, growing impatient, clicked on the office intercom and called a number.
"Hey, Vrghr? Have you seen Tyrex come in yet?" Bod said.
"No, wuff hasn't... He should be in by now, though..." Vrghr replied over the intercom.
Bod shook his head. "Yeah, you're right."
"Well, wuff can tell you when he- Oh, there he is now!"
"Great. I'll be right out."

Tyrex slouched under the load he was carrying. He had to carry these 4 large boxes all the way a block over to the PUMPZ building, and he was feeling the strain. Hopefully, the task would be worth it.
He carefully balanced his load on 1 claw while he opened the door with the other. He stepped into the building, careful not to drop his precious cargo.
"Hey, can someone help me with these things?" Tyrex says.

Lexal and Vrghr occupied the two cubicles closest to the entrance of the PUMPZ Magazine HQ, and they were the first to see Tyrex carrying his white boxes. As soon as the blue dragon called out, Lexal went to help the intern.
"What are these, Tyrex?" Lexel said, grabbing 2 of the boxes from Tyrex.
"Well, long story. I was going to be late for work, but I couldn't call it in. So I brought these to make it up for you guys."
"But what are they?"
"I know my absence was going to be a big blow, so I decided to sugar-coat it a tad." Tyrex said, adjusting his sunglasses. "They're Dobrowkies."
"They're whats?"

Vrghr listened to Tyrex and Lexal after he hung up the phone. He didn't know what a Dobrowie was, but he was interested.
"Get this." Tyrex said excitedly. "They're cheesecake, stuffed with brownies, stuffed with cookie dough. Inside a doughnut."
"Sounds delicious!" Lexal replied. Vrghr was very interested now.
"Oh... They're fulfilling, all right."
At this point, Vrghr's curiosity got the better of him. He got up out of his chair and walked over to them.
"What do you have there?" Vrghr said. While this was happening, he noticed Bod coming out of his office, presumably to talk to Tyrex.
"Good stuff. Snacks for everyone!" Tyrex exclaims, opening one of the boxes.

Bod walked out of his office and into the main floor. He needed a word with that intern, and-
He stopped when he saw him open one of the confectionary boxes in his possesion. He watched as Tyrex pulled out what must be a Dobrowkie. It looked a bit like an eclair, beige on the outside and with a generous heap of chocolate on top. What was more interesting was the size- It was practically bursting at the seams, the snack jiggling slightly in the dragon's grip.
"Hey, Tyrex. Are those for us?"
"Yes they are, Bod! A large treat for a large mistake." Tyrex smiled.
"They look good... Did you make them yourself?" Vrghr said, licking his lips.
"Nah, store-bought. But don't worry, I'll home-cook something next time I'm late." Tyrex chuckled.
"Well, I don't care as long as they're good." Lexal said.

Dave sat in his cubicle, using his computer. He was thinking about which brand of air tank to stock up on for next month when he was interrupted by a certain smell. A chocolatey smell.
"Hey, what's that?" Dave said, getting up and going out into the floor. He was met with everyone else circled around Tyrex and his boxes of sweets.
"Oh, cool, Tyrex brought in goodies." Dave said to himself before joining everyone in the room.
"Hey, Dave." Bod said.
"Okay, who wants one?" Tyrex said, proffering his held Dobrowkie. Everyone started to reply at once, filling the room with noise. Tyrex handed out his confections to everyone. Eventually, Dave got his claws on his very own Dobrowkie; it shaking slightly in his hand.
It looked delicious.

"I brought plenty for seconds. And thirds." Tyrex said, knowing very well how much the staff liked to eat.
He handed the Dobrowkie in his hand to Bod, who took it quickly. The next one was snatched up by Lexal. And then Vrghr took two. And then Dave.
Finally, as people were eating their fill, Tyrex took out one for himself. He waited to watch the other eat theirs first.

Vrghr took a bite of his Dobrowkie, and his mouth was immediately bursting with choclate-and-cheesecake flavor. It was impossibly thick and impossibly rich, the contents compressed to silly levels. It was as if a chocolate factory exploded inside his mouth.
Vrghr tried to tell Tyrex how good his food was, but he found that he couldn't speak. The thick chocolate had stuck so thoroughly that his mouth was practically glued together! Like a dog eating peanut butter, Vrghr was forced to smack his mouth repeatedly to get all that gooey goodness out of his mouth. His tongue was already feeling tired from the exertion.
After the excruciating process, Vrghr could talk again.
"I don't think wuff's seen a richer snack! Wow!"

The rest of the gang enjoyed their filling snacks. Most ate theirs slowly, it being hard to eat something so rich. Dave simply swallowed his whole, the Dobrowkie going down his throat slowly. Bod took a second one and swallowed that one down quickly.
Tyrex had to open another box to keep up with demand. And another box. Work in PUMPZ HQ had halted; everyone just had to get some of these confections!
Soon, there was only one Dobrowkie left. Everyone looked at each other. Suddenly, Lexal dove for it at the same time as Tyrex. Tyrex managed to slip his claw under Lexal's hand, grabbing the last treat.
"Hey, gotta leave some for me!" Tyrex said.
Lexal grumbled, defeated.

Eating all the Dobrowkies had left everyone in a bit of a food coma; Bod was struggling to stay awake. He was sure everyone else was barely conscious as well. But, sadly, there was always work to do in PUMPZ.
Bod turned to Tyrex. "So, I was going to talk to you about-"
Suddenly, Dave interrupted Bod. "Uhh, Tyrex. how many calories are in a Dobrowkie, anyways?"
"Well... Uhh... If I recall correctly... About 500,000." Tyrex responded.
"Per serving."
"And there's 5 servings per."
Suddenly, Bod's stomach grumbled.

"That's... A lot..." Dave said. He felt the rock-like weight in his stomach, and began to worry. He couldn't possibly metabolize that many cal-
His stomach gurgled loudly. He realized that he was beginning to digest his meal. Suddenly, his stomach got a lot bigger.
He clutched his suddenly active stomach, and could feel it grow tighter in his hands. Within seconds, his shirt was riding up over his stomach. He could feel the food decompressing inside of him as he ballooned outwards.
And then full digestion kicked in.

Vrghr yipped in confusion as he suddenly became fuller than usual. Soon enough, his stomach was touching the ground, full of the baked good. He attempted to drag his weight away, but he only got a few inches before the mass in his front was too heavy to move.
Suddenly, he heard another loud gurgle from his expanding stomach. He began to feel heavier all over. He was gaining weight! He leaned into his belly; he was able to sink into it more with each passing second. Pretty soon, he was tilting himself to keep his feet on the ground. Vrghr moaned; he was getting so full!
He then felt a large, warm mass rub against his belly.

Bod had reacted to the expansion by laying on his stomach as soon as possible. His organ creaked under the weight of his upper body, but soon, the contents of his stomach were larger than his body! Soon enough, he felt his feet life off the ground slightly; he didn't try to fight it. He just watched as he rose off the floor on his now-massive red stomach.
He was watching the scutes of his scales spread apart in response to the expansion when he felt fur against his side. Looking up as far as he could, Bod saw a white mass pressed against his own. Must be Vrghr!
Bod couldn't even see Vrghr's head from behind his belly now. Looking to his left, he saw Lexal, puffed up only a bit smaller than him. To his right was Dave and Tyrex, smooshed up against each other as their bellies got fuller.
When would the expansion stop? Hopefully never, Bod thought.

Tyrex rubbed his increasingly large and gurgling belly as it expanded outwards. Pretty soon, he could feel cool scales against his own; probably Dave. Eventually, Tyrex couldn't touch ground with his limbs anymore, but this didn't bother him. He smiled as he sunk slightly into his huge blue-scaled stomach.
Everything was going exactly to plan.

Lexal could feel the pressure by now. His stomach creaked and groaned as it got bigger and bigger on top of him, the gurgles ringing loudly in his ears. How many more calories could he take?
Lexal tried to speak, but could only groan, much like his stomach. The weight continued to build on top of him. He felt at least 2 other bellies now; he wondered how everyone else was doing.
Just then, Lexal felt something cold and hard touch the top of his gargantuan gut. The ceiling.

Bod's stomach at this point was straining to process all of the 6 or so Dobrowkies he ate. The pressure was building, and Bod was hoping that he would digest it faster.
It was a this point that he looked up, and saw the ceiling coming very close to him and his friends. He groaned as his back eventually touched the ceiling, the red-and-yellow mass below him dominating his view. He was now being pressed up against on all sides- By his fattening friends, by the floor, and now by the roof. His stomach continued to gurgle.

Vrghr was getting concerned. He had long ago given up the fight to stay on the ground; he was now partially resting on his belly full of food. He gripped his now-soft stomach with hands and wings alike; the layer of fat was hiding the truth that his belly was getting quite taut. He could hear an insane amount of decompressed cheesecake-chocolate matter sloshing around in there, and it wasn't stopping.
But it did start to slow down. Vrghr was thankful as the gurgling slowed, and then stopped. He breathed out heavily. He felt so weighed down that he couldn't move a muscle. This was certainly a meal!

Dave only watched in horror as he felt the ceiling on his back and saw the telltale stretch-marks begin to make white streaks across his bloated stomach. As his stomach protested with a loud creak, he though that this would be it.
But it wasn't. Just as the pressure was about to make him burst for sure, he felt a surge of digestion. He sunk more and more into his belly as it metabolized. He felt the same thing happening to the bellies around him.
The expansion stopped, leaving Dave gasping for breath. Eventually, he found the power to speak.
"Is everyone okay?"

All of the people together filled up nearly the whole studio. All the furniture of the cubicles were smashed apart in the expansion, either flattened or pressed up against two bellies. There was hardly any room left.
Tyrex groaned in bliss. He didn't think they were that powerful, but that was okay. All he wanted was to be able to rest on his huge, soft stomach.
"So guys... Were they filling?" Tyrex said at last, adjusting his shades.
"I would- URP!- say so, yes!" Dave said, burping out the gasses of digestion.
"Yes. Very yes." Lexal said.
"I could have eaten more." Bod said, smiling (not that anyone could see Bod's face over their stomachs).
Vrghr made an approving noise.
"Should we write about these next issue, huh?" Tyrex asked, shifting slightly as he sunk into his stomach.
"Sounds like a perfect article. Good work for an intern." Bod said.
"Wuff'll write it up right away!... As soon as wuff can move." Vrghr said, still clutching his stomach.
Dave laughed, sending ripples throughout everyone. "Yeah, I think we all need to take a break."
"Agreed." Lexal said.
"Ugh, after this, I'll need to talk about it on the Chinternet." Tyrex said.
"Put it on Chintest?" Dave responded.
"Well, I found it chinteresting." Tyrex laughed, creating more wobbling.
Everyone laughed. Today was a good day at PUMPZ.

Breakroom Treats


21 May 2016 at 13:53:41 MDT

This is a story I created after a particularly fun time me and my friends had in a Bodbloat stream. Hope you all enjoy! If you're in this story (lucky you), I'm open to edits, seeing as this came out of the blue for you guys.


bodbloat as Steve "Bod" Bodbloat: The owner of PUMPZ magazine. A lava drake.
vrghr as Vrghr "Vrghr" Vrghr: The head of the cooking and food section. A white wolf with wings (also, apparently, an alliteration).
lxlhunter as Galkrim "Lexal" Hunter: The go-to model for PUMPZ illustrations. A shark.
iconmaster as David "Dave" Micheal: The test coordinator. A grey dragon.
tyrexkyuris as Tyrex "Tyrex" Kyuris: The intern. A blue dragon.

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