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Hi. I draw various dumb things to make my dumb old self feel better.
If you've met me before, hello again!
If you haven't, well hi there.

I tend to draw dragon-ish type things and my own idiotic characters who make me happy.

Friends/Watchers/Followers might call me KimmyMonstah, Kimmy, Ice, or IceBizzle, depending on what site they know me from, haha.


ALSO. You never have permission to post my art elsewhere.
I didn't think I'd have to say it here, but apparently I do. So we'll say it right here. :>

Latest Journal

it's been a million years but

on 28 March 2016 at 12:29:52 MDT
  • here's an update:
    i'm on tumblr a lot!

  • here's another update:
    lol i haven't drawn a lot in general, you guys aren't missing much, don't worry. the same is also happening with dA. i'm temporarily dead on dA and FA (and weasyl), while i'm in my art slump. :\

  • here's a third update:
    when i start making things worth putting on up on here? i will put them up! cross-posting is a pain in my super lazy butt, so putting up junk on all the sites feels pointless.

SO INSTEAD, i shall give you links!

  • if you WANT to see my art? then i suggest you start following my art-only tumblr. it usually gets finished things or things that i just really like and felt i should submit there. **art-only tumblr: ** -
  • if you WANT to see personal posts, reblogs, and WIPs? then i suggest you follow my personal tumblr. this gets things first, and this gets everything. it's my cesspool that i drown myself in. i check it every day, and i will post art there the most frequently. **personal tumblr: **

i don't hate dA or FA (or weasyl), and i don't hate you guys! i'm slowly trying to climb out of this rut, so maybe, just maaaayyybe, i'll start submitting things again? :'>

  • ALSO i have a stream link now! i usually put up stream notifications on tumblr, so i could start submitting them here, if you guys want? it's not join me anymore: i usually have a video playing at the same time, and i keep the resolution low to have less lag. i'll try to remember to put stream links up as drawings or something, if i don't remember please hit me with a stick ;v;

*also also, this journal got submitted a week later, after the dA and FA ones, because the reset password thingy was being bonkers on me until i finally e-mailed the staff about it 8|

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    rubs face on your page

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      /gasp /rubs ur face :>

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    screeches again on own page, almost an entire year later

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    screeches on your page

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    screams on own page

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