Pugalism Punch by Iantos

Pugalism Punch


31 July 2017 at 07:25:51 MDT

Dane vs Brix, in an epic bout! Dane lands a fierce body blow, but Brix takes it like a champ! Despite different weight classes and styles, the two are evenly matched. Who will win? Well, considering it's a charity match, ultimately everyone will, but in regards to the ring itself, who can say..?

Another commission work by the amazingly talented KingBito, who is still new to anthros. Consider supporting them and their amazing art with a commission.

Brix belongs to KingBito, Dane belongs to me, generic copyright nonsense, etc!


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    Nice work

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      It's a commission; I'm a writer, not a visual artist, but the work is indeed amazing. You can find the talented and reasonably priced King Bito on FA, linked in the pic's description.

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        Ok and I need a bit of a coincidence because I have an account on FA too