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kuhori the wolf by ian-exe

kuhori the wolf


1 November 2015 at 09:41:44 MST

Wow this took 2 years for me to get at and I was almost late. Kuhori if you ever meet me at a Con or something you have my permission to hit me over the head with a Coca Cola or something for taking so long

2years ago on Halloween night I was bored so I started watching random YouTube videos and somehow got onto furry videos and I found a little series of videos call a fursuiters wold and i loved every one of the videos unfortunately now it's a dead series and are not on YouTube anymore or anywhere:( so after watching a few of the videos she and her husband made I fell in love with the furry fandom and the very next day I made the original Ian-exe

Not only has this fandom made me a happier person it made me a better person and much more excepting of others and there likes and not so close minded so thank you so much Kuhori

I should have made this a few days after I became a furry but I wanted to get better at my art so I could give her the art she deserves and last year I was too busy so I put it off tell now so I hoped it was worth the wait

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    amazing work here. I love the toy. and the eyes!

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    Wow this is amazing! And I have Kuhori and Grave to thank for getting me into the fandom as well.