lapin de cacao - FOR SALE by iamnottoway

lapin de cacao - FOR SALE


4 March 2015 at 13:53:44 MST

around halloween, in 2008, i created a character named puggsley:

he and his siblings ( are an original species (still nameless, at the moment, but i'm working on it!). each of them has a unique ability. puggsley can create and control fire, and gretchen can manipulate water. russell's body is electrically charged. whenever he's upset (which is quite often), his ears, fingertips, and tail give off sparks.

over the years i've created lots of these little guys. i've been toying around with the idea of selling some of them for a long time and i think it'd be neat! i have a few others already drawn, but i'm still tweaking their designs a bit, so i wont share them just yet. puggsley, gretchen, and russell wont be for sale, but lots of their friends and cousins will be!

this guy or gal is fluffy, furry, and friendly, with a love for all things chocolate - especially baked goods. they need a new home, so i'm selling them for $5!

when you purchase a character from me, they're yours to develop completely. give the character a name, personality and back story, tweak it's design, commission artwork of it, even resell it if you no longer want it! you're welcome to edit the artwork and repost it as well (as long as credit is given for the original design). just have fun!

please comment or send a note to claim!

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