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Warning: I'm a babyfur, aka infantilist, not a pedo. I'm not drawing cub porn, don't plan on doing it, and am highly disgusted by the said thing. Consider this point.
(also, if you're not into babyfur stuff, you may stay and see what I have to offer, but I fear that I'm mostly a babyfur artist and that point is hard to miss.)

Hey there, and welcome to my profile.

Real me:

  • Age: 22 (I was born the 5 th November 1991).
  • Gender: Male.
  • Nationality: French.

Aren't you going to give more personal information about yourself?
Definitively not! The internet is unsafe enough for a normal person. For many reasons (personal/professional) I'm certainly not going to give any kind of information that would help people here to identify my real identity.

What are these reasons?
Being anonymous prevents a lot of problems. Besides I believe that it's important to part things, especially here in the furry fandom where too much people aren't able to differenciate reality and anything related to the fandom for instance. It also works for the fetish. I don't want to be a ridiculous fetish based person - therefore my character, this profile, my gallery etc - It's not what I am, it's a small part of what I am, and I intend to keep it far from the real me. There are also reasons I won't explain :)

What do you enjoy?

I'm a gamer, and I seriously mean it. Not yet another of those kids pretending they're gamers because they have spent some hours on a console, but a real PC gamer looking for competition, doing esports, trying to make mods and so on. I do enjoy a lot of varied stuff - single and multiplayer FPSes (STALKER, quake, etc) as well as RPGs (not Jrpg trash, mostly stuff like Gothic, Morrowind, Divinity, etc), simulations (I'm addicted to Arma II, and I'm somewhat good with flight sims too - besides, I plan on piloting aircrafts in my real life) and lot of other genres.
I do have steam. But I won't add you until I really know you (and therefore if I know I can trust you)

I also can't help it, but I have an oversized ego and I like physical activities that would make me stronger.

I like drawing, obviously.

I'd like to be able to write and read properly ... but focus problems make me unable to stick to a text based story. I'm also slightly deaf (I have a problem concerning the differences of vibrations, dunno how to explain that) and music doesn't really works with me, most of the time. I'm still able to enjoy some stuff, sometimes. Mostly hard rock, and metal, sometimes electro based stuff.

I like technology in general, especially computing. I'm currently in an IT school and I'm learning to code.
I'm able to handle a lot of stuff, concerning software or hardware stuff.

I like paintball, and am planning to try airsoft.

I like aircrafts, a lot. Especially helicopters. I plan to learn how to pilot some of them, actually, and will do anything to succeed. For now, I just try to get the most realistic flight sims I can get and try to be very good at it. I may also try modelism one day.

My character, Grawlee:

Grawlee is a dragon, and my main character. Though I don't want to assimilate myself to a virtual character, I sometimes try to make him have my personality (or the one I think I have at least). He's sometimes seen with a female white tiger character, Sophie. Grawlee is shy as a kid/baby, and confident/strong as an adult. He actually doesn't like being prone to accidents, which embarasses him a lot.

  • Species: Dragon.
  • Colors: Purple-grey-blue and yellow.
  • Age: Tricky part, right? It depends. Baby, most of the time. Sometimes, you'll see him as a kid, and more rarely, as an adult or teen.
  • Notable physical features: Leather-like skin, ears, fur in the ears/on the tail, big horns on the back of the head. As an adult, Grawlee haves whiskers, a beard, and many little horns.

The art I'm doing:

  • Do you take commissions?
    I do! My TOS is a WIP however...
    Prices may vary as I didn't do a price guide yet. Note that recently I became EXTREMELY busy, so commissions tend to be on hold a lot - but don't worry, they'll be back eventually!

  • Do you do requests?
    Yes and no, please don't ask - I won't do it, except for friends on some occasions. Really, do not ask for free arts, just try to catch a free art journal, I do that from time to time.

  • Do you accept collabs or trades?
    Depending if I know you/like you or not, a certain level is required tho. But I do enjoy making collab, remaking lines, putting stuff in colors and shading it, etc. Trades are also fun. I may decline, tho.

  • What about giftart?
    I do some from time to time, but remember that asking for a gift isn't a gift, it's a request lol (nice try)
    Sometimes I also choose a random person in my watcher/watched lists and I make a gift to him, which I call a random giftarty event.
    I also pretty much like getting gifts ofc <3

I'm the big bro of Xyvander on Keyndan, who I believe aren't on FA yet! :3 ♥

Latest Journal

Weasyl transition ... failed.

Yeah. Besides of not being able to update two sites at the same time, it really failed. Most people didn't in fact move to FA... And many asked to come back there.

I'm still waiting for a better opportunity to leave FA and I hope all of the community will as well.

Disregard that, I'll try to check in more often, and I will update streams automatically here using an API key.

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