.:The.Better.Medicine:. by hyucaze (critique requested)

.:The.Better.Medicine:. (critique requested)


6 August 2014 at 21:47:43 MDT

Request for http://genisay.deviantart.com/

An illustrative digital painting I fixed up to finalize the last few requests slots I have left (which are limited, two actually, already working on the latest two)

I'm didn't rush this though I took my time and integrated every bit of my digital experience into this piece, I wanted a crisp clear digital painting.(easier said than done on iPad but it came out quite nice I should have used a canvas with bigger dimensions though).
As for the recipient, Genisay also requested the line-art for the piece, but I would need to remaster the sketch because the background was intentionally sketched to show areas to fill and add specific detail within the background. I'm sure she can't wait a little longer for that, no worries right?

Status~Completed painting

Charcter: December (belongs to her)
character/Fursona: Hyu (belongs to me)

Art by me © hyucaze

Submission Information

Visual / Digital


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    Amusingly this is almost how I imagine an in-game event. Like when the healer of the party heals in the middle of battle, I've always kinda imagined them stepping out of time for a moment and getting patched up. I know it's a silly thought but interesting to see drawn out by somebody with talent. ^,^

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    Awww thanks, I would obviously be the one to get beat up or hurt cause I'm crazy and I'll be hunting stuff like dragons and demons, and I wanted my fursona to look impatient and self-reliant, (because I'm a little like that), so he is not used to this kind of treatment and prefers to patch himself up. But the other character insists on aiding Hyu, personality wise (according to her character profile given) she's a caring "motherly" individual.

    Again thanks for your feedback >w<
    I always appreciate it.