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6 April 2014 at 07:21:38 MDT

Request for NeeNee
Character/fursona owned by: NeeNee

Time taken: 3hrs 45 mins

I couldn't think up a better background... I tried.

Art by me © hyucaze

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    I'm stunned! in so many ways. This is above and beyond what most people will do for requests and you're work is beautiful. Thank you so much for your time and effort :) i wish i could find more words... but i cant, thank you again!

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      Awww your welcome, I never really expected the pose... They say "your best ideas are one that are unplanned"

      But thank you, your fursona was super fun to work with.

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        creativity can't be forced! sometimes you just gotta go with how it works out. Thank you so much. Also you did it in such a short amount of time since i asked if you would. Would you mind if i post it (obviously giving you credit, i can link your weasyl or dA)

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          Absolutely, I'm pretty new on Weasyl so I don't have much posted there but you can still watch me there aswell.

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            I'm fairly new to weasyl as well. it's a cool site though! I use FA more just because I have been on that longer. I'll link both to you so people can check you and your art out.

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    Absolutely love this!

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      Thanks, it's pretty old though, about three months at least
      Which makes a huge difference to how much I've improved.
      But I've been absent from this site for quite some time.

      -perfect time to spam-