Fursona Model Progress - Foot Revisou by Hybrid-Dragon

Fursona Model Progress - Foot Revisou


8 August 2014 at 14:57:34 MDT

Model update! This update was mostly a lot of refining of the foot, trying to get the structure to look proper.
(1a) and (1b) were mostly finalising the paw pad seen there and between those and (2a) I created the rest of the foot. Many adjustments were made, such as a theoretical shortening of the toes. After that I moved upwards to the ankle? Some join over in that general area. And then from there it was mostly just refining the shape and structure.
I didn't take as many pictures of the backside as I was working. Originally it looked outrageous, all points merging to one with giant tris (even more so than shown now).

Next update will be the leg update!

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    Nice 3D!

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      Thank you!

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        Welcome! you don't see alot of 3D artists around I've noticed, specially those that use blender! I've been trying to teach myself for the most part.
        Did you have schooling for this? or are you self taught?

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          I am self-taught aside from tips from a few friends and tutorials I've found online. I am still learning the program myself! I wish you luck in learning to use Blender. The most help I could really offer are some of hotkeys ^^;

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            I see! Thank you! and I wouldn't mind, any kind of help is appreciated!