I am a Deer by Hybrid-Dragon

I am a Deer
I am a deer floating in a void. My eyes are outlined with black ink, dripping and soaking in my face. I am tugging at my antlers, remaining Stoic. Wind from slowly appearing stars brush my fur.
I tug harder and hear a snap. I feel a sense of security. I continue to pull as they continue to break. Rebellion. Pride. Selflessness.
I hear more cracking. The scene around me slowly turns blood red. I tug harder. Confidence. Freedom. Nothing can stop me now.
With a twist, I rip off my antlers. I throw them defiantly at a ground that does not exist. I straighten myself and feel as I drift downwards. The scene slowly turns to dirt brown as my feet rest against it. An empire standing tall begins to crack, chip, and fall. I walk away and the scene begins turning brilliant colours of pink, purple, blue, orange, yellow.
A weight lifts from my shoulders and I imagine chains and shackles crumbling off of me. The warm feeling of love rises in my chest. Home. I whisper the word reality as I wake to see it was just a dream.
My throat is ripped and spilling. Black ink surrounds my eyes and has soaked into my face. A rope is tight around my neck. I still have my antlers.
I am a deer.

I am a Deer


28 May 2013 at 18:05:18 MDT

I've been feeling under the weather lately. Lots of thoughts and I came up with this to get rid of a few. I just wish I could express through visual art what I can in writing.

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