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The Storm Inside Me by HweiChow

The Storm Inside Me


16 July 2021 at 19:06:43 MDT

Commission for Senko lke

"Many years ago, I took a leap of faith, and left my homeland, my dear ones, and everything I knew and grew up with, to pursue a dream.

I came to this land, which fascinated me since I was a small kid. I wanted to experience it, live it, be a part of it. That was one of my goals in life.

I came to this land looking for acceptance, and to find a place to call 'home', which I knew I'd never find in my homeland. People like me, who deviate from the norm, are not treated well there. That was what happened to me there, and that's why I left.

And for a while, I did experience that dream. I lived it and loved. Life was good. I got to experience so many great things, and lots of people, that I learned a lot from. For a while, it seemed like things were going to work out...

But then this intense storm started. And with the storm, all the falsehoods washed away. And then I saw this land for what it truly it. And I saw exactly the mistake I made, that I swore I'd never do again.

I gave my heart to a place that I thought was trustworthy, that I loved, and that I thought loved me back - but truly never did, and instead just used and discarded me.

But everything was a lie. And I got stabbed on the back by that land when I needed it the most.

And the wound keeps on bleeding. The drops feels like acid, eating away at my mind and sanity. And everything I once held dear here, don't seem to matter anymore to me.

Yet I still stand, trying to find a way out of the storm. Trying to find that place where I might feel at 'home'. But every day, I feel weaker and weaker. And I'm afraid that the next time I fall down, I might not be able to get up again..."

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