Keet Rider by huskie666

Keet Rider


10 January 2014 at 08:08:21 MST

Finished oversized colored sketch commission for [icon]moo[/icon] featuring [icon]keet[/icon]
I'm really happy with how this turned out - I'd been wanting to draw something decent with an orca in it and this definitely fulfilled that yen ;w;
Plus..omg a background that satisfies me <3
Hoping to do more like this! :D

Ballpoint pen, watercolors and white acrylic/gouache blend paint on 11 x 14 inch Bristol board.

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    Thank you!

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      You're very welcome! ^.^

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    Thank you so much! :D

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      You're very welcome <3 Always a pleasure :3
      In it's way to y'all now!
      Thanks so much for your patronage.

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    The location of the dorsal fin's leading edge belies this picture's rating. You sneaky boots.