Sketch - Gorm Gauge by HunterBahamut

Sketch - Gorm Gauge


7 March 2014 at 15:31:13 MST

This is something I did randomly for fun, decided to work on some characters based on the Gorm, a race from Yark’s Team Prototype setting.
From what I understand; the Gorm a technologically advanced race, so everyone have cybernetics of some kind that are related to their profession or expertise. They also follow a kind of militaristic structure, so nearly all of them are in service of one branch or field of some kind.
The Gorm are also guardians or caretakers for the Razorwings that have taken up sanctuary on their home world.

This character is Gauge; a male Gorm engineer who usually specializes on vehicles.
He once served with the Caretakers that watch over the Razorwings, but he asked for a transfer after the loss of the young Razorwing under his care. He wears one of her feathers as a keepsake and is very precious to him.

This is just a rough idea for now, will have to see if I can get it colored at all.

Gorm are (c) Yark-Wark.
Character and art are mine.

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