Defender - Character Sheet 1 - 2008 by HunterBahamut

Defender - Character Sheet 1 - 2008


6 January 2014 at 15:53:33 MST

Some concept art done back in 2008 for a project I called "Defender".
These three were three of the main characters for the project at the time.

Verus - Verus is said to be the last of a race known as the Ryn; a mysterious race of defenders that protected the territories in the past.
Verus is a quiet young Ryn that lives in a village in the Lux territory, but his quiet life suddenly changes when he discovers one of the ancient shields of the Ryn...

Scavenger - Scavenger is of a race of pack rats, the Gnom-Par. Like his namesake, the Gnom-Par are a group of collectors and scavengers, living by 'one man's trash is another man's treasure', scavenging through old belongings and garbage for any thing that could be salvaged, reused or modified.
Scavenger tends to be a loner, learning what goes on in his home territory while collecting his treasure for himself and his clan to live. His prized possession is the old military coat that he wears, complete with medals.

Ire - Ire belongs to a race called the Eyraan, an athletic and acrobatic race that lives in the Fontis territory. All Fontis have a special feather they wear around their neck, believing that the great phoenix gives the blessing of life to each Eyraan within the feather.
Ire is a free spirit that loves to explore and adventure, but has never gone outside of his home territory, helping his family in the small trade business to other territories.

Photoshop CS3.
Characters and artwork are mine.

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