Valerie's snacks by Humbug

Valerie's snacks


26 May 2016 at 15:59:39 MDT

With the way she was being held, it was hard for Krystal to get a clear view of what was going on. All she knew was that Lola was already in the sphinx's mouth but not yet swallowed. Minerva had just been lifted upward, and she could just see her in her peripheral vision, angrily squirming around, her tail grasped between the feline's fingers and thumb. From the sounds of it, the predator's mouth opened up and Lola was trying to escape, but Krystal could see Minerva plop onto a large pink tongue and get immediately slurped backward with a clop! The sounds from both the rabbit and the mink were muffled, and Krystal felt herself shift in the sphinx's hand, her vision flipping around to see what was going on directly.
It appeared the predatory cat was swishing around the two morsels as she closed her eyes, letting out a light "Hmmm..."
Then...she swallowed. Glrk.
A small lump ran its way down her neck and disappeared behind her collarbone. Krystal could feel Minerva's abject terror, but strangely enough, she didn't feel quite the same feeling from Lola. The reason why quickly made itself apparent as the sphinx smacked her lips a couple of times, revealing that, while the mink had disappeared, the bunny remained in her cheek. When Lola blinked and realized that Minerva was gone, however, Krystal could sense, and see, a wave of horror sweep over her right before the feline slipped her tongue between the rabbit and her cheek, forcing her further back in her mouth. With a flick of the tongue, a snapping of jaws, and another gulp, the professional athlete Lola Bunny became little more than a squirming, screaming snack making its way down a predator's esophagus.
Krystal screamed. As the sphinx's mouth opened once again, empty, she knew she was next.

Wanted to do a vore thing with my sphinx Valerie, so I stayed up late last night working on this. It didn't cut into time I would've spent doing my obligations, so it's okay, right? Right?! D:

Minerva and Lola belong to Warner Bros.
Krystal belongs to Nintendo.

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