[P2U] | LINEART BASE | CHIBI | 40+ ITEMS! by howmuchcanyoutake



12 August 2019 at 21:39:20 MDT

This posting is for a customizable "common furs" lineart base.
In this pack you'll find two different cats, dogs, and wild creatures such as bears and deer!

These are creatures you might commonly encounter, so if you are counting on scalies, birds or mythical animals,
you may want to wait until a later pack.

Pack includes:

600 DPI .PSD file
600 DPI .SAI file
Items already in folders for easy access
Clean, easily selectable lineart for colouring

  • 15 different ear types
  • 15 different tail types
  • 5 horns
  • 8 additional customizations

P2U: 30 USD

Feel free to note me if interested!


You may:

  • Resell coloured lineart as 'adoptable' creations for no more than selling base price (30 USD), with credit given to me for the base
  • Use the base for characters in commercial material, assuming credit is given for the artwork and you are NOT reselling the character
  • Draw on top of the base for PERSONAL use (add hairstyles, etc)
  • Erase conflicting lines (such as under horns, etc)
  • Colour and edit the lines for PERSONAL use as you see fit

You may not:

  • Resell the base
  • Claim the base as your own
  • Redistribute the base in any form or fashion (this will add you to my public blacklist)
  • Sell an altered base as an adoptable (this will add you to my public blacklist)
  • Use the base in any commercial/royalty fashion without credit to me
  • Sell or otherwise distribute items as 'add-ons' to this base