2017.39 They by howlitzer

2017.39 They


13 February 2018 at 06:16:19 MST

What was a sketch of Hati that I got quite carried away with last week.

While Howlitzer, my 'main' character, is a pretty basic physical representation of 'this is me as a werewolf', I've learned to really appreciate more abstract/therapeutic personal characters.

Hati's a vent-art turned personal character that I've been playing with for a while now. They started as just a recurring spooky black-and-white werewolf design. I more recently added the in-flux multiple heads after Crystala's suggestion when I was on a bit of a Cerberus kick, and it felt like a really good fit. Recently I've also settled on making them officially agender, as again it feels right, and as a bonus 'they' is an appropriate play on words for not only that but the ambiguity of the changing heads.

While I haven't really done actual story or world-building with Hati, over time the character has congealed into a bit of a visible metaphor for my own personal uncertainties. Coming to terms with and sorting out my asexuality, unraveling where that ends and other uncertainties begin, etc. Generally, they experience more literally the difficulty at times of separating genuine feelings and wants from what the outside world has taught me I should feel and want.

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