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Minecraft assistance drone (Cyus gift/collab) by How2101

Minecraft assistance drone (Cyus gift/collab)


So, I've been getting back into minecraft lately, with my own survival group world recently launched in my discord server! As it turns out, however, I'm not quite as adept at surviving in minecraft as I am at art.

Luckily, Cyus came to my rescue: helping build a house, scavenge materials, and rigging up efficient farming systems with his vast minecraft talents. His work was vital to the survival of our little community - so vital, in fact, I decided to promote him to a more "permanent" position, working full-time as a loyal, hardworking how drone! With him around, I'll never have to worry about my complete lack of survival skills ever
again ...

After all, turning people into obedient rubber drones is what I AM good at, and why struggle to survive on your own when you can get someone else to do all the hard labor for you? ...

Gift sketch for tuckerboo that he finished out, to thank him for his assistance in setting up my actual minecraft server, contribuiting some amazing skins, and yes, helping me get past through the desperate battle that is the first few days of survival. A very good how rubber minecraft drone, indeed!

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