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Red Panda Refitting by How2101 (critique requested)

Red Panda Refitting (critique requested)


Have you ever wanted to explore the world? How about experiencing the untouched beauty of Asia's alpine forests, nestled cozily within the Himalayas mountains and beyond?

Why don't you go on such a refreshing, rejuvinating adventure? Are you too concerned about being unable to navigate the rough, mountainous terrain? Are you too worried about the threat of bad weather, icy temperatures, and the wrath of various species of stinging insects? Do you think your pitifully fragile, fleshy body is completely unfit for survivial in a civilized world, let alone in the unforgiving, cold hands of mother nature? Do you think you deserve to be ... better?

Martin the wolf certainly does!

What better way is there to adapt your weak, ill-suited body to your new environment than by becoming one of its local residents?

Just simply apply our special La-tech coating, and feel our special rubbery nanotech reconfigure and conform your body to fit the species best suited for your new habitat!

In Martin's case, there's no better way to explore the forseted foothills of the Himalayans than as an agile, rubbery anthro red panda! His new, thick latex skin protects him from injury, accomodates his basic bodily needs, and insulates him from even the most extreme of environments - from dense, tropical rainforests to the Himalaya's most precarious peaks*.

It's so good, you'll never want to come home!

Book the trip that will change your life forever - book La-tech today.

*exposing an active La-tech product to a dangerous or extreme environment that the product is not designed for, or wearing a la-tech product longer than indicated in your instruction manual, may have negative side effects on the user, which may include but are not limited to: product auto-engaging lifesaving mode, product bypassing user preferences, duration automatic increase, product bonding permanently to user, suit permanance, mental decline, complete loss of cognitive thought, loss of humanity, loss of personality, total amnesia, increased depression and anxiety if detached from product or removed from habitat, mood swings, personality changes, etc. See instruction manual, our website, or call tech support for full list and additional info. See instruction manual for specific product dates, warnings, and recommendations. If you have any questions, call our tech support line or look us up!

Patreon piece for Martin the Wolf, feat. him becoming an anthro red panda. I really need to do more red panda tfs, they're such a fun tf subject!