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Suited for Evolution by How2101 (critique requested)

Suited for Evolution (critique requested)


The so-called "Great Gooey Forest" is a place to Avoid for adventurers, from the hapless to even the most experienced.

Many who ignore the warnings have dissappeared without a trace. Rumors abound that creatures made entirely of rubber reside within, luring unexpecting explorers and trainers alike to unknown fates. Yet, the mysterious allure of the forest's unique environment - as well as stories of powerful pokemon living within the forest - continues to draw in the bold and the curious.

You were but another hapless trainer who thought the rumors were just too outrageous to be true. You thought you could save time by cutting through the few paths running through the forest. You thought you could make it, alone, in the middle of the night.

You've woken up to find yourself lying in a clearing, surrounded by various eeveeloutions - both anthro and feral alike. Moonlight glints off of their shiny, sleek surfaces, illuminating their rubbery skin.

Something's pressing on you from all sides - sticky, semisolid rubber squeezes and rubs against your bare skin. But - you could've sworn you had clothes on!

You're stuck in some sort of rubber costume - resembling an eevee. Frantically, you try to tug and pull at the zipper lining the stomach of the suit, but it's no use - your hands, completely smushed into smooth, paw-shaped mitts, are absolutely useless at grasping anything, let alone an object as small and complex as a zipper.

Instead, the suit's squishy paws squeak and slide over the thick rubber suit, sending spasms of pleasure rippling through your body. You hesitate, the conflicting sensations of panic versus pleasure dulling any attempt at actual resistance. You want to escape, but even the simple task of grabbing and pulling down the zipper is becoming too complex for your muddled mind to comprehend, let alone accomplish with your ... no, it's slippery, bound-up paws.

Thoughts are beginning to creep into your mind. Squishy thoughts, submissive thoughts ...

This ... isn't too bad.

The rubber feels so ... so nice! So perfect!

I could stay like this ... E-ev ... forever ...

You struggle weakly, trying to repel the blissful thoughts battering your increasingly cluttered mind.

This-this is wrong!

But it feels so right ...

No, I-I'm human! I-I'm me!

I'm ... vee?

The eeveeloutions surrounding you simply watch in glee, squeaks and pokemon cries filling the night sky. There's no need for restraint, all your remaining mental energy is focused on resisting your new, budding mental impulses.

You let out a weak moan as your defenses continue to gradually crumble. There's little hope of resisting ... you may as well enjoy it!

You can barely recall who you were before you set foot into this forest. Your destination has already been long forgotten. Your memories of friends and family are slipping through your fingers by the minute.

Liquid adhesive leaks from the innards of the suit, softening your skin and making it ever more sensitive to the rubbing, the squeaking, the intoxicating pleasure of rubber against weak, sensitive flesh.

Managing a look around you, the eeveeloutions are being mentally rewritten within your head. Not captors, but ... Friends. Family.

They look so, so ... perfect, with their beautiful rubber bodies. The way their skin shines beneath the warm glow of the moon.

You can't imagine how truly blissful being completely rubber would be, to feel that big, squishy tail swaying in the wind, to feel the air itself brushing against the latex, to be immune from the effects of cold or heat or rain. To hug and play with your fellow packmates, never needing to stop to eat or sleep. To never be alone ever again ...

A faint glow in front of you disrupts you from your stupor. Before your quaking eevee body is a water stone, held aloft by an anthro glaceon. Slowly, the glaceon moves towards you, the stone's glow growing brighter as it comes ever nearer - as if it can sense your very presence.

A final surge of resistance swells as your eyes continue to gaze onto the advancing stone - something tells you that once that stone touches you, there's no going back. For a moment you regain your senses - you could run into the forest, escape back to civilization. Yank the embarrassing, comfy suit off and return to your ordinary human life ...

But you hesitate. Do you really ... want to return to that dull, dreary lifestyle? The Glaceon pauses, seemingly taunting you with the decision. So much power, so much promise lies before you. Living forever as a happy, oblivious eeveeloution ... you gently roll the thought around in your head, skin tingling with a pleasant rubbery sensation. The other eeveeloutions take a step forwards, mo,uthing squeaks of encouragement. For the first time, the suit's - no, Your large, shiny ears can understand what they're saying.

"Join us!"

"Come play with us!"


You bow your head. You're not resisting. Satisfied, the glaceon slowly moves forwards, the stone clutched firmly in its paws. YOUR stone. Euphoric, empty thoughts cloud your mind as you try to wag the tail dragging behind you. You want to leave behind ... something. Whatever it was, it was lost in the foggy haze drifting heavily within your head.

Oh wait ... you remember now! You're leaving behind your eevee self!

You're ready to evolve, you sweet little eevee.

Eevee suiting pic I drew, along with a little story! Hope y'all like!