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No need for a zipper! by How2101 (critique requested)

No need for a zipper! (critique requested)


Silly Eigen, no amount of struggling and squirming is going to help you! I thought you wanted to be a lycanroc - that's why you bought me, after all! I can feel that craving deep inside, beneath your shallow fleshy skin of fear!

I will give you a new skin, a better skin - one with powers beyond your wildest dreams! To be blessed by the moon itself ...

That's it. Let me handle everything ... all the movement, all the thinking ... just relax and enjoy the ride. Enjoy me. Enjoy you.

I hope you will. Because once this pesky, useless zipper's off you'll be in here for a long, long time ...

commission for EigenRovak on twitter, featuring him becoming stuck in a lycanroc suit for a bit longer than he originally planned ...