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Ruff, puff, squeak! by How2101 (critique requested)

Ruff, puff, squeak! (critique requested)


See the long, snakelike hose, lying in the sun.

See the shiny glint of a nozzle next to it, one that would belong on a pooltoy.

on YOU.

You may try to dismiss the thought, but it lingers. What if ... you pressed it against your belly?

Wait ... why is that thought even there at all? It's just a nozzle. YOUR nozzle.

So give in to your curiousity. You know you want to. You want to know if you could truly, somehow become a pooltoy.

You don't just want to know. You WANT.

It's a feeling you've never felt before. A tingling curiousity on what it would be like to be a squeaky, rubber pooltoy, to be blissful, simple, and contentedly empty. To be filled with absolutely nothing but the finest freshly pumped air ...

This curiousity is growing into a desire. Hesitancy turns into fustration, fustration with your human life and all its petty responsibilities, stresses, and wickedness. You're burnt out, burnt out with humanity itself. Don't you want to just Leave it all behind?

Yet, you're hesitant. Hesitant to press it against your skin. You're doubtful. You're afraid of what your human peers would say if they saw you in the attempt. You're afraid that it's simply impossible.

Why? because of your pitiful human concepts of "science" and "common sense" forbid it? Because men in white lab coats with degrees say it can't be done? That's just silly, stupid human thinking!

If you chain yourself to those nonsensical human concepts, then they become true. It's all in the head! That's why most never become better. That's why humanity will never get off the ground, not like a pooltoy. They convince themselves to follow "scientific laws" and "reality". They cling to outdated relics like "breathing" and "eating". Silly, stupid humans!

It's all really a matter of the mind. If you want to be free, release yourself from constricting, limiting human ideas like 'objective scientific reality'. Stop thinking about how this is impossible. Stop thinking about how you have to follow all these "necessary" rules. Stop thinking at all.

And gently squeeze the nozzle to your stomach.

Attach the hose.

Squeeze the lever.


It takes a few seconds. Then you start to feel an odd tingling sensation as some sort of thick, dark blue liquid gushes from the nozzle, quickly smothering your belly with the rubbery fluid.

A thick, large tendril wraps around your back, constricting tightly against your skin and sealing the nozzle in place against your belly.

You can let go now.

Thick, viscious latex continues to churn outwards from the nozzle, tendrils splashing against your face.

Don't be afraid. This is normal. Embrace it. Love it.

You can feel your fear as the rubber spreads around your face, massive globs of beautiful shiny goo cascading upwards to completely envelop your head. Your ears, eyes, and nose get swamped with latex and everything goes dark.

Don't be afraid. This is normal. Embrace it. Love it.

The goo forces its way into your mouth, suprisingly strong bands of rubber prying your jaws open. A flood of thick, gushy rubber flows like a river of squeaky, shiny lava down into your throat, sending pleasant shivers rippling through your body along the way. Your torso begins to feel numb.

Don't be afraid. This is normal. Embrace it. Love it.

You let out a small meep of pleasure as the liquid travels down over your back, coating it in fresh latex. It feels so good ... so ... intoxicatingly wonderful ...

Don't be afraid. This is normal. Embrace it. Love it.

Your mind is truly beginning to empty now. Your weak human mind could only do it for so much, so long. Just long enough for the process to begin. The rubber can do it much, much better. Only the latex can truly free you.

Don't be afraid. This is normal. Embrace it. Love it.

Thick, solid rubber condenses in front of your face, swelling and stretching outwards into a perfect canine muzzle. A nose and two large cartoonish eyes paint themselves onto your face, far superior to your pathetic human versions. Eyes should look cute and eager to play!

A wide, smiling grin is slapped on as well - while its exterior may be a painted, artificial expression of joy, it accurately describes the bliss you're currently feeling. It will describe how you feel inside forever and ever. There's no reason to change your happy, playful expression when you're a pooltoy, after all!

Your body is getting numb as the latex works down over your legs, gently forcing you into a quadrupedal position. A husky pooltoy walks on four beautiful limbs, not two! Who needs hands when you have humans? It's all they're good for, anyways!

You feel a new, even more pleasant sensation as real air begins to pump through the hose, angrily fighting your fleshy insides for space within your increasingly canine body. And the air is winning.

Your thoughts begin to simplify as your brain becomes less and less complex. Who needs thinking? That just leads to science, and science leads to limitation! Embrace it. Who needs a brain when you have fresh, wonderful air?

Your senses begin to return. Despite no longer having any apparent ways to do so, your senses are far more powerful than before. That's what happens when you think like a pooltoy, after all! Simply observing our surroundings is so much fun, and we need good senses to do that!

Memories begin to fade, replaced with air. Forget everything but husky. You are husky pooltoy. You squeak and swim and float! That's your only goal - along with helping humans do the same.

As two handles pop out of your back along with a shiny, curly canine tail, you begin to have another desire: to have a human on your back, squishing, snuggling, hugging, riding.

That's what humans are good for - riding pooltoys like you! They handle you, take care of you, and do all that heavy labor and thinking for you! Don'tcha worry about a thing anymore, those humans will take care of everything you could possibly need! All of the hugs and affection you like -

You're not sure why, but despite the fact that humans are clearly the inferior, weak servants of pooltoys, you have a desire to call them Master.
It just ... feels so right, like being loved and rubbed. Don't question it. Accept it. Pooltoys don't question.

You can feel yourself being lifted and placed in what appears to be a pool. You can feel your excitement rising as water laps against your paws, the mere sensation of water against air-pressured latex making you shiver with raw delight - if you could move, that is.

Your highly sensitive ears pick up human chatter. They're close!!!

You wish you could grin wider, anticipating what's to come.

You can't wait - you're all ready to ruff, puff, and squeak!

twitter raffle prize for Fearbird on DA, feat. his oc Rachel the Zeraora becoming a squeaky, shiny husky pooltoy that's ready to play!