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A suiting up buddy! by How2101

A suiting up buddy!


23 December 2020 at 18:26:14 MST

Greetings, consumers!

Have you ever felt something was missing in your life? That your weak, fleshy body doesn't quite live out the the potential you know you're meant to be? Have you ever wanted to be a blue, rubbery kitsune?

If so, try out the latest How to be a How kit! (If you have not felt this gratifying compulsion or are perfectly satisfied with your current mundane way of living, see our 'suggestive mental-help' headsets on page 36)

Experience your suddenly newfound fantasy (if you bought our previous products) to be a mythical fox made out of gooey, slimy rubber!

The kit comes equipped with any bipedial body in mind! No muzzle? No ears? No problem! we have strap-on harnesses, casings, gloves, and boots to give our patented How paint the smoothest template to work on. Once the paint is applied, just sit back, relax, and let our secretive chemical cocktail gradually, permanently change your body from the outside in! You'll love the tingling sensation of our metal substitutes slowly changing into your new, original bones, and the blissful, undescribably marvelous sensation of 3 tails attached to your spine!

You'll want to reccommend this product to ALL of your friends, acquantinces, and everyone you'll ever meet in the forseeable future! Once you've tried it, you simply won't be able to say no!

See now one of our very satisfied costumers, Zeno, trying out this product for himself, and note the happy, satisfied painted-on smile he's boasting!

Order now for the low, low price of $19.99! (plus your entire life savings once transformed, it's not like you'll be needing it anyways)

Order now, and discover the answer to the question we've just implanted into your brain - How to be a How!

commission for zenobox, feat. his oc Zeno being the lucky newest recepient of a How to be a How kit!