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reindeer ych 2 by How2101

reindeer ych 2


Alright, it's christmas time! Which means, time to do a Christmas YCH - this time, in collaboration with Zen!

Me and Zen are looking for two vitci- er, individuals to star in our upcoming Christmas story, featuring reindeer, rubber, and tight, leather limb-molding harnesses! To quote the 'yote himself:

"Two friends are on the cusp between naughty and nice on Santa's list this year. While they help return an injured deer to Mr Claus' stable, a past record of enjoying 'kinky' content threatens to push them firmly onto the naughty list... something that can't go unpunished!

However, in light of their good deed by rescuing the reindeer, Santa offers a special penalty: instead of coal, the friends get to work off their naughtiness by 'helping the reindeer' - a seemingly harmless invite for the two to assist in the stables.

However, the new job role is more humiliating than they expected! Ordered to wear red, bell-covered harnesses, the gradually increasing tug of tight leather forces the two friends into a quadrupedal position and . . . that latex seeping from the fake muzzle and antlers!?

A festive-themed and very gooey transformation ensues. One thing is for certain, they'll be 'helping the reindeer' pulling the sleigh! Is it a punishment . . . or a reward?

A karma-themed gooey reindeer TF featuring tight harnesses, a new shiny coating, and plenty of jingle bells!

Bid in the comments down below if you're interested in being one of our stars!

Starting bid: $30 Minimum bid increase: $5 Autobuy a slot: $250

slight changes to the posing, increasing character complexity, and slight changes to the storyline will be allowed!

The auction will go until this upcoming Saturday, the 19th!

Goo-d luck, and thanks for considering!