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Time to rock! by How2101 (critique requested)

Time to rock! (critique requested)


You want to be famous? You want to become the next big sensation?

Here at Kitsune records we have ways to make you an instant star! Simply sign this contract right here on the dotted line! No, no need to look at the fine print. Just some law jargon and stuff.

Finished? Then we're good to go! Just grab your guitar right over there!

It may feel a bit sticky to the touch, but you'll grow into it! Or rather, it'll grow onto you ...

It'll be a lot better if you don't resist the gooey latex spreading over your body. There's no need to worry. There's no need to fear, not one bit. After all, you need to look the part!

It feels good, does it not? So slimy, so warm, hugging your skin like a liquid blanket.

You don't need to be good, the rubber will play for you. Just feel your guitar, the wonderful tingling sensation through your new body from stroking the correct letters.

Feel your mind mixing with the music. It fills your brain, drowning out everything else. Music and rubber are your new passions. Embrace it. Let every memory, every emotion, every single thought wash away. Artists have to make sacrafices, don't they? They have to focus on their careers. They have to throw away everything else to be successful. Their lives, their families, their free will. Be successful and throw it all away. Focus only on your music and the squeaking. Focus only on me.

No need to worry about money, crowds, or any of the stresses of success. Kitsune records will take care of you. We will handle your every need. After all, you're our new star! We can't have our property treated poorly now, can we?

You're looking fantastic tonight, Mr. Obstagoon. Nice and SHINY.

The crowd you've been desiring for is waiting outside. Your crowd. Your FANS. They love your new body. They love YOU.

Go make them proud, Mr. Obstagoon. Go and show how valuable an asset you are to our team. That we made the right choice on you.

Go be the star you always wanted to be.

Patreon art for Mike, featuring him becoming the next big star in the music industry, courtesy of Kitsune records!