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lmwhyte gift by How2101

lmwhyte gift


7 October 2020 at 23:34:15 MDT

Welcome to my little land,
this cartoon world where you now stand,
Now this is something very queer,
what's a human doing here?
Now I love guests, don't get me wrong,
but in this world they don't belong!
This world is only meant for toons,
a human here will perish soon!

but not to fear, my future friend,
I've got a nifty plan,
your humanity just has to end,
as quickly as it can!

There's no need to shout or think,
just stand there in place,
as I grab a little ink
and toss it in your face!

watch it spread with fear and dread
tear it off, it'll stick instead!
there's no escape once it is stuck,
not through struggles, hope, or luck.

Just watch and wait, watch with glee,
as it covers your hands and knees,
crawling down your chest and back,
an inky, blissful, perfect BLACK!

feel your insides squish and squrim,
ink running like a giant worm,
you can't stop it, it's too late,
and why, when you're feeling GREAT?

Shiver with that blissful touch,
never enough yet far too much,
pleasure enough to make you swoon,
to make you CRAVE to be a toon!

your thoughts get slowed by muck and mire,
you can only feel desire!
it's all you want, it's all you need,
a slavish wish, a single greed.

There's now one thing for which you lust:
you want to become one of US!
There's no other wish at all,
in fact you can't seem to recall,

a single human memory
but that's only because you're FREE.

Free from human wants and fears,
as you grow two pointed ears.

Free from mankind's harshest blows,
as you gain a pointed nose.

Free from the guilt, the pain, the lies,
as you sport a new bow tie,

Free from the loss of broken love,
as you gain your cartoon gloves.

And now the best part, without fail,
is the growth of your new tail!

Well golly gee! I reckon that
you've become a cartoon cat!

A perfect form, I'm sure you'll thrive!
It will serve you well for your 9 new lives!

The fun we'll have, it'll never end!
so let's go on an adventure, friend!

Birthday gift for LMWhyte on picarto, featuring a cartoon cat tf!

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