Doggo pooltoy ych by How2101 (critique requested)

Doggo pooltoy ych (critique requested)


26 February 2020 at 00:31:00 MST

gonna try doing a ych (or two)!

this is design 2, your oc having the chance to step on some latex lying around and become a cute, squeaky pooltoy!

SB: $25 for becoming a How pooltoy
$30 for non-How doggo pooltoy (feel free to bid higher and still become a how pooltoy)

$60 - add shading

$75 - change general rubber puppy species

AB: $175

minimum bid increase: $1

Ends in a week or two from the 26th, depending on availability and when I finish the first one!

This is my 2nd ych auction, so I apologize in advance for any flaws that come up

To bid, reply below the comment!