A new servant by How2101 (critique requested)

A new servant (critique requested)


29 April 2019 at 11:11:43 MDT

Human!  How dare you enter the presence of Anubis?!?  Your filth taints this holy place! 

You must be cleansed, human! Do not worry, I will have mercy upon your wretched, pitiful soul. 

I will not execute you, even though that is what you and your worthless species deserve. Rather, I will purify you. 
Cleanse you of your filthy stains, the nasty blot of impurity that you call your . . .  humanity. 

Compassion, caring for the poor, wretched peasants you call your fellow humans. . . those aren't fitting emotions for a god of war, are they?  I suppose, neither are having any emotions at all.  All you need is an overwhelming, intoxicating desire to serve, a loyal, petlike affection for me, your better . . .  and an equally lustful desire to hunt, to seek more minions for Anubis.  

And you don't need memories, do you?  You don't need to know you're human, or ever were. Memories just get in the way of obedience . . . 

So embrace your destiny, loyal servant! Take on the mantle of Maahes, my dutiful and loyal general of my futrue armies. Wield your blades and go, seek more mortals to convert into my armies!  

Your master commands it!  

Commission for 0x0n   A continuation of the Anubis series! 

Part 2: https://www.deviantart.com/how2101/art/New-Awakening-pt-2-794279452  Part 1:   https://www.deviantart.com/how2101/art/New-awakening-794176848

Comments and critiques appreciated! 

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