New Awakening pt. 1 by How2101 (critique requested)

New Awakening pt. 1 (critique requested)


17 April 2019 at 14:22:20 MDT

Lord Anubis! 

You have been awoken! My, what a dreadfully long sleep you've had! 

You are needed, my lord. The god of the afterlife has many duties to attend to. You just need to get properly suited up, of course.
after all, you're not quite . . . ready for your new duties yet. I'll take care of that! 

Here, put this costume on. The suit will ensure that you look the part!   We can't have the lord of the afterlife looking like one of the pitiful subjects he rules over, can we? 

Feel it. Feel the power coming . . . no, returning back into your true form as you squeeze your body into the costume. Doesn't it feel wonderful? It's been so long since your power was taken away. Now, it's all coming back. It's yours, yours to wield as you see fit. 

What's this? You . . . a human?  Nonsense, my lord!  You being one of your human subjects? You, the almighty guardian of the dead, ever sinking to their level? 

Nonsense!  This rediculous babbling is the result of some faint, lucid dream you must have had . . . no, it was a nightmare!  Becoming a human is nothing short of nightmarish for you, Anubis! Here, let me remove those horrible thoughts from your head. It must be agonizing to think about, and you have more important matters to worry about than some stupid, blatantly false nightmare. 

This is reality, lord Anubis. You are not some pitiful, pathetic human. You are Anubis, lord of the afterlife!  

You have been asleep. 

Now, wake up! 

Part 2:  

Anubis costume transformation commission for  burstcoffee 

Comments and critiques appreciated!   :3    


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