rubber umbreon suit experiment by How2101

rubber umbreon suit experiment


13 November 2018 at 20:39:16 MST

"Should I do this?"

Jack stood in the middle of the testing room, clutching the headpiece to the umbreon costume he was wearing.

He was struggling a bit to keep grasping the headpiece with his slippery rubber paws. He could feel his fingers balled up inside the warm rubber, tightly crammed into the toes of the rubber paw. He could barely even wiggle them, much less actually grab or hold something. He didn't feel bad about the loss of movement in his fingers, though. If everything went right, then he would be trading his ability to grasp and hold for something much, much better.

Jack had sometimes thought about being a pokemon, ever since elementary school. He in particular had a fond love of Umbreon, which was by far his favorite pokemon! He daydreamed daily about becoming the powerful dark-type, fantasizing about using his spectacular dark-type powers in combat and running, wild and free, in the forest. This . . .. unusual affection quickly earned him the scorn of classmates, who relentlessly teased and bullied him because of his fantasy.

Now, finally, that dream had a chance of coming true! Apparently some science company had been collaborating with legendary pokemon to find an alternative for forcing innocent animals to fight against each other. After extensive research, they finally came up with a possibility: the rubber pokemon suit.

Humans who 'volunteered' would put on rubber pokemon suits, and with the help of combined human tech and pokemon magic, receive the powers of the pokemon suits (or pokesuits) that they were wearing, becoming permanently sealed inside the suit in the process, and fight in battles instead of pokemon themselves.

Most people thought they were crazy. Jack sort of agreed, but was one of the first to sign up! Maybe, just maybe, his dream of becoming an Umbreon could now be realized!

After hours of contract signing, interviews, and boring scientific lectures on how the suit worked, Jack had finally been placed in an experimentation room and given the suit that would make his dreams a reality!

When he first saw it, Jack began to have second thoughts. The suit was made entirely of rubber, up to a tail dangling limply from the back. It looked like something from some weird, disturbing fetish film. He'd heard a while back that there were some sickos out there who enjoyed these kinds of suits - Was this secretly some kind of twisted porn movie?

Nevertheless, he quieted his doubts and grabbed the costume from the scientist's hand, who quickly exited the room and shut the door. Jack was alone, but he knew he was being watched: several high-tech cameras hung from the ceiling. Jack prayed that they were only for scientific purposes.

What made him especially wary were the instructions given to him, they directed him to undress before putting on the suit. "It was so the clothes don't interfere with the transformation," they said. It did make sense, but Jack was still suspicious as he took off his shirt and pants.

After another moment of hesitation, the teenager yanked off his underwear, exposing his body completely. He was going to take the risk. he had a dream to be an umbreon, and he isn't going to waste this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! He'd never forgive himself if he did, and he'd spend the rest of his days wondering what would have happened if he took the plunge, and if his dream would have been satisfied.

The suit was two-piece, consisting of the main body and the mask. A shiny Umbreon. Jack never considered being a shiny before, but he really liked the idea when he thought about it!

First, he pulled on the feet, his toes squishing into the toes of the rubbery paw. A tight, yet surprisingly comfortable fit. Jack noticed that the interior of the costume was surprisingly warm, massaging his flesh as he pulled the costume up towards his thighs.

The costume felt wonderful, cozily squeezing against his skin and sending pleasant tingling floating up his spine. Jack now understood why people would be into this sort of thing. The suit felt amazing!

Next, he shoved his arms into the armholes, Grinning as a similar warm, fuzzy feeling hit his elbows and wrists. Jack had a bit of trouble fitting his hands into the tiny pawgloves, after five minutes of fruitless squirming he forced them in. He had to clench his hands into fists to make them fit, squeezing and coaxing his fingers into the 3 tiny nubs. They finally popped in with a squeak, and Jack knew immediately that it would be almost impossible to get them out again. They were just wadded in there too tightly, but the teen didn't care. He was feeling too happy, and besides, it didn't hurt a bit! In fact, the tight squeeze just made it feel even more snug and cozy.

Of course, now that his hands were basically useless, there was the matter of zipping up the zipper on the stomach. It took another ten minutes for Jack to come up with a solution. He could barely manage it if he used both 'hands' to grab the zipper and zip it upwards. After many times of trial and error, the teen had finally gotten the zipper up!

With the success of pulling up the zipper, Jack's chest was now underneath the warm, protective layer of rubber.

The costume rose and fell with each breath Jack took. It felt like a second skin, a thin, soft protective coat against the elements. The teen smiled, feeling his body coddled and massaged by the latex in the costume.

Which led him to where he now was, awkwardly holding the headpiece in his hands, a final bit of hesitation lingering in his mind.

Once he put the headpiece on, there was no turning back. Already he could feel his legs beginning to bend into a more digitigrade manner, and Jack found he was instinctively standing on his toes rather than his entire feet. But these changes were reversible. Once the headpiece was on, the full changes would kick in, completely reassembling his body - one more suited to the power he would soon possess. His human flesh alone wouldn't be able to withstand a single fraction of the massive raw dark-type energy that would soon be coursing through his veins - if he tried to reverse the process, he'd be dead in a second.

Jack thought of the stuff he would miss - his family, video games, playing sports -

But he made up his mind. Video games were just a waste of time, and why play sports when you can fight in spectacular, exciting pokemon battles?

Even his family, well, they thought he was old enough to go off and make decisions on his own, so . . . besides, he could still visit them, or at least he hoped his new master would allow such visits.

Giving a conceding sigh, his doubts retreated to the back of his mind as Jack brought the mask over his head, setting it down with care. For a few seconds nothing happened. Jack stared through the eyeholes of the costume, wondering if there was some kind of mistake.

Then he felt an odd tickling sensation in his neck and looked down.

The rubber neck of the costume was slowly fusing with the jumpsuit underneath, separation lines growing ever thinner before merging together entirely. At the same time, the zipper fell off, hitting the ground with a clack.

The zipper lines began to fuse together, sealing him inside the costume. Jack could hardly wait, grinning wildly with glee as the last traces of the zipper sunk into the costume. It was true! It was actually happening! It was real!

Then, with a sudden start, the real changes began.

Rubber umbreon suit tf, pt. 1! I hope to do a pt. 2 and maybe even a part. 3 if I can fight off my laziness long enough.

Comments, critiques, and faves appreciated!

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