Here's Lookin' at You~ (Blackmustang13 gift) by Househead

Here's Lookin' at You~ (Blackmustang13 gift)


21 January 2014 at 06:37:55 MST

So a little(a lot) of backstory here.

Waaaay back in the days of kindergarten I was friends with a lass who quickly became my schoolyard crush. To be honest I thought I scared her out of school with my creepiness, when she really just transferred to another local school after moving to a new house (I was like.. 6, gimme a break!). Fast forward nearly 17 years later, while I'm gallivanting around the dealers den at Furidaho, I bump into a local friend of mine who's introducing her artist buddy around the con. My extremely odd memory kicks in and I almost instantly recognize she's the same friend from kindergarten long, long ago. We catch up on life and I was super happy to see that she's been living life so well, she even promised to give me a free piece of her work, which is what you're lookin' at right now!

Thank you kindly, Kel! We definitely need to hang out next time I'm back in potato-land.

Art by   blackmustang13

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