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DE Anti-Vehicle Mech "Ignition" by Horsesergal34

DE Anti-Vehicle Mech "Ignition"


Dominating the field of combat, the enemies of the DE will never have the advantage of vehicles with this Mech Suit. The first Mech produced by the DE, it sports an AT Cannon, GL and an AIG on each side for it's offensive armaments. A Shield on each arm, Spaced Armour, Reactive Armour and a Multi-Purpose Closed Oxygen Circulation System can defend it from most attacks, be it Gas, Bio or being submerged. The remaining systems are standard, AVD, ACA, Retractable Jetpack, Ventilation, Fog Lights, Ammo Rack with different ammo types, and Laser Designators.

Equipment list: AVD, ACA, AT Cannon, GL, AIG, Laser Designator, SA & RA, M-PCOCS, Retractable Jetpack, Vents, Fog Lights, Shields and Ammo Racks.

Crew Requirements: Commander

AVD, ACA, AIG, M-PCOCS, Ignition and Artwork © Horsesergal34

Link to abbreviations list.


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    No offense, man, but it's kinda hard for me to see an armor out of this : | my guess is that the gun is the left hand, right ?

    That's all I could guess : |

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      Well, in the description it states the guns are on both sides, replacing the hands. The Shields are on the arms, and the Spaced Armour is on the legs around the Hips and Ankles. The Reactive Armour is the little boxes on the front of the Mech.

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        Oh I get it then, thanks, man :)