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MR Anti-Aircraft Vehicle/Hero AA Vehicle "Asphyxiation III" / "Into Oblivion" by Horsesergal34

MR Anti-Aircraft Vehicle/Hero AA Vehicle "Asphyxiation III" / "Into Oblivion"


During the Fall of Danterrin, the MR AA Vehicle "Asphyxiation II" showed incredible performance during a last stand tactic, covering the retreat of high-ranking generals and vehicles by holding off a large amount of enemy DE aircraft. In total, 14 Aircraft where shot down that day, by a unique version of the AA vehicle that the crew designed and implemented. The design made it to the production stage and the crew of the "Into Oblivion" where given the Medal of Honour, Advancement of Technology Medal and the Silver Star.

These new improvements to the "Asphyxiation II" included a new Long-Range Droid Control System, Advanced AA Radar System, Removed SA for added speed and maneuverability, Removed the ram for added firepower against Infantry, Flares for protection against missiles, better Missile Launcher Systems, added AA Laser Cannons for if the Missiles run out or are deactivated, and a new .45 mm Cannon for Anti-Vehicle purposes.

The list of equipment is as follows: RA, Flares, LRDCS, AA-ARS, MLS, AA Laser Cannons, .45 mm Cannon, AIG, AVD and Comms arrays.

Crew Requirements: Driver, Secondary Gunner and Commander.

Droid Requirements: ADVAI Gunner and ADVAI Radioman

LRDCS, AA-ARS, AIG, AVD, ADVAI, Asphyxiation II & III, Into Oblivion and Artwork © Horsesergal34