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May I Have This Dance? by Horrorshow (critique requested)

May I Have This Dance? (critique requested)


Another gift I did for my gingerpepp because I wuv her. n.n This is Endira (left, mine) and Donnath (right, hers). They are a very important couple to me. They are two of our oldest and most personally meaningful characters. Having them be a couple just made so much sense because of the similarities in their back stories and just how perfectly matched they are based on their personalities.

He is just the kind of man Endira needs to help bring down her walls and learn to start trusting people other than her sister, Charlotte. And plus, music plays an important roll in both of their lives, so I thought it made sense that they would be doing a sexy waltz. X3 Plus, a pearlescent luck dragon and a metallic gold dragon? I mean, how perfect is that?

I really, really tried to make her skin and scales appear iridescent or pearlescent so I hope that kind of comes across. D: In any event this was a lot of fun to color!

I love you, my Jolyns!!

Donnath (c) gingerpepp
Endira (c) horrorshow


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    And I seriously keep oogling over it. I really adore the scales so much and the iridescent effect.

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      HHHH...!!! ;u; Gawww thank you so much, sheltiebum!!! You are too much for me. I love how you comment EVERYWHERE. XD LMAO You're too much, girl. You know you don't need to, but it always makes me happy when you do. XP Silly doge. <3